YouthLink School Program 2017-2018 Registration

Dear Teachers,

If you would like to register the grade 6 classes from you school for our “Forensic Files” and “Street Smart” program please READ and UNDERSTAND the following before registering:

Registration Period:

Please note, registration for the 2017 – 2018 school-year will not be happening in February with the Calgary City Teachers Convention (CCTCA) as it has in years past.

The 2017-2018 school-year registration period opens on Monday, August 28th at 8:30 am and closes on Friday, September 8th at 4 pm. Any registrations that happen outside of this period will have to coordinated through the School Programs Manager.

Registration Website:

During the registration period detailed above can be done on our registration website.

We expect programs to fill up very quickly during this registration period. We strongly encourage teachers to meet with your grade 6 teaching teams and plan in advance of this registration period considering and doing the following:

  • Identify who will be the coordinating teacher contact(s) for your school.
  • Gather important information like the number of students and classes.
  • Discuss preferred dates for your programs in advance of registration day.
  • Put reminders into your calendars and phones for the day registration opens and book your program first thing that morning so you can get a spot and hopefully the dates you would like.
  • To register online, please visit the registration site well before the opening of registration to ensure you have a teachers account created with a known password.

Eligibility (only Grade 6’s and Schools within City Limits):

Despite doubling, almost tripling, our program capacity in our new facility, YouthLink is still striving to meet our mandate of offering our school program to as many grade 6’s in the City of Calgary as possible.

We are no longer able to accommodate grade 5’s within our school programs that may return the next year. Our program is designed for grade 6’s and is now restricted to grade 6’s (*with one exception). We understand that some school always have 5/6 multi-age classes who run on a 2-year curriculum cycle. We will make the accommodation in this circumstance and will allow these schools to register only every other year (those still must speak with the School Program Manager).

Our funding is dedicated to Calgary schools and communities within the Calgary city limits. Thus, we can only allow schools within Calgary city limits to participate in our school program.

Waitlist Registration:

We have been receiving outstanding interest and feedback for our program, which is reflected in our program registrations and demand. Unfortunately, we fill up very quickly and accumulate a waitlist each year.

To ensure that our programs are accessible to all Calgary schools, we are implementing strategies like early registration opportunities for schools on the current waitlist before we open general registration on August 28th. Those on this waitlist will be eligible for early registration and will receive individual email communications detailing important information and instructions.

Class Sizes & Student Numbers:

Our programs have a limited capacity.

The maximum number of students allowed per classroom or program booking is 30 students. Any class or program booking that has more than 30 students must be communicated and approved by the School Programs Manager. The absolute maximum of students allowed per classroom or program booking is 33 students.

Multiple Programs/Class Bookings:

Our school programs facility can accommodate 2 classrooms or program bookings per day. If your school has more than 1 class of grade 6’s you are able to book up to 2 classes or programs on the same day. If you have more than 2 classes of students (more than 60 students), you programs will have to be booked on multiple days.

Program Costs:

Presently, there is no cost for our programs. However, schools are responsible for coordinating and covering their own bussing or transportation costs. Students are also responsible for bringing their own lunches.

Program Expectations of Teachers:

Coordination and Communication

Coordinating hundreds of school programs and the field trips and all that is required for the experience to go well requires good communication on the part of the teachers, especially if they are acting as the primary contact and coordinator for a teaching team at a school. We assume and expect that teachers will READ ALL emails and forward these communications and important instructions to their colleagues. The School Program Manager also arranges a pre-visit phone call approximately 2 weeks prior to the field trip. Again, we depend on good communication between teachers and YouthLink as well as between teachers and their colleagues supporting or participating in the program.


To ensure the field trip experience goes smoothly, we strongly recommend that teachers, especially those who haven’t done the program or field trip before, attend one of the Teacher Orientation Night’s planned throughout the school year. This helps teacher understand what’s expected of them and parent chaperones, helps orient the teachers with the location of the facility and the spaces within the building and what to expect in the program.

The Pre-Visit Program Lessons & Crime

The “Forensic Files” program is designed to support the delivery of the grade 6 Evidence and Investigation Unit. Participation in our program and attending our field trip requires that teachers deliver a number of lessons and content prior to their field trip. This includes a special crime to facilitate learning in the unit. All program lesson plans and materials are available on our website. Not completing the pre-lessons could impact registration in subsequent years.


Our funding depends on students, teachers and parents chaperones filling out and completing some assessment surveys. Teachers must ensure the pre- and post-visit assessment surveys are completed by their students. Teachers and schools who do not ensure these assessments are completed may see their ability to register in subsequent years affected.

Supervision - Teachers & Parent Chaperones:

Teachers are responsible for the supervision of their students. Teachers can engage volunteer parent chaperones in this supervision, but should not leave the class unattended or leave the facility while on-site.

The recommended ratio for adult to students is 1:10. Classes of approximately 30 students must have a minimum of 3 adults present and supporting during the program.

We expect adult supervisors, including both parents and teachers, to take an active part in the program by help students stay focused on the program and well behaved, but not doing the activities for the students or leading or directing discussions. Please leave the program facilitation to the YouthLink education staff. Teachers and parents are solely responsible for supervising students during the lunch break. Teachers and parents are expected to help manage students and be positive role models by being present, engaged and not spending the day chatting with other adults or being on their cell phones.

If you have any concerns or questions about the program or registration, please contact the School Programs Manager at or 403.428.8049.

We look forward to having you and your students participate in the YouthLink School Program!