Calgary gang members have provided YouthLink with critical information in exclusive interviews

Find out how gangs recruit kids as young as 11 to join the gang life.

Working with the Calgary Police Gang Unit, YouthLink is able to dispel the myths of family and brotherhood associated with gang life, and show what gang members really think when they are behind the protection of jail bars.

“If you’re looking for family, you’re looking in the wrong place. The gangs might talk about brotherhood and family but it’s all a lie; everyone is in it for themselves.”- A Calgary gang member currently serving time in prison

Life is about Choices

Two kids from Calgary. Their lives began on the same path in the same grade at the same school. Find out more about choices made and their consequences.

A Calgary Kingpin

Think gang life is glamorous? Ever wonder what kind of "luxury" the leader lives in? YouthLink will show you a video from a Calgary Police Service search warrant that may surprise you…