Kyla didn’t plan on using drugs.

She just wanted to fit in. After years of battling addiction, she's eager to tell her story; with the goal of helping others avoid the same destructive cycle.

For Kyla, “just once” turned into an addiction.

Drug Profiles

Drug use and the types of drugs available have created an increasingly dangerous world for Calgary youth. The Calgary Police Drug Unit is committed to working with our team to provide current and relevant information on what's trending in Calgary. Learn about the ten most common drugs in Calgary, the side effects of these drugs on your body and on the things you care about. Take a close look at our example displays to help you recognize danger when you see it.


No one ever plans on a life of addiction, but many individuals fall into the grips of drugs and alcohol. Prevention is the best defense. Get the facts, learn the consequences and discover healthy coping methods to avoid addiction.