Today’s world is a tough place for kids.

Online predators. Drugs. Gangs. Understanding what makes a healthy relationship. Bullying. When you’re a child, about to enter your teens there can be a lot to be worried about. At YouthLink, we teach kids how to stay safe. We let them know how the police and partners are here to help. Nothing is more important to us than giving kids the information and tools they need to make smart choices.


The magic happens in our Street Smart areas. That’s where we focus on educating our visitors to prevent future crime and victimization.

There are five galleries at YouthLink:
1. Healthy Relationships
2. Online Safety
3. Gangs
4. Drugs
5. Bullying

Each comes with its own special set of Calgary-based stories. Sit in a prison cell and hear a convicted Gang member tell kids he wishes he had made different choices. Walk through the hall of lockers in our Bullying gallery and see for yourself how real Calgary kids have been bullied, what they did, and where they are now. In Healthy Relationships, watch a series of powerful scenarios unfold and decide for yourself if they are healthy or unhealthy. Come to the Drugs exhibit and see what you would look like six months after trying crystal meth. Hear revealing stories of addiction from Calgary drug users, and the peer pressure they faced to try drugs for the first time. Check your own password in our Online Safety exhibit – are you as safe as you could be online?

Here at YouthLink, you'll find a world of discovery waiting for you.


Our Calgary Police Service has over 125 years of protecting this community. Come visit YouthLink to learn how.

From a day in the life of a patrol officer, to Calgary’s earliest outlaws, to some of Calgary’s most heart wrenching traffic accidents, YouthLink opens the curtain to reveal what goes on with police in your city. See a life size HAWC’s helicopter and do a virtual ride-along! See what officers carried walking their beats on a cold winter’s night 100 years ago. Find yourself in the sights of a Sniper.

Explore, watch, and learn how police having been keeping our city safe since 1885.


Calling all detectives! No visit to YouthLink would be complete without a visit to Forensics. Come learn if you have what it takes to be a forensic scientist. Put your hands in a maggot mass. Match fingerprints to a suspect.

Learn about the world of microscopic evidence just waiting for you to find. Turn on the black lights – if you dare!

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