We Couldn't Do it Without You | YouthLink's Volunteers

Driven by a passion for helping kids stay safe and a desire to make our community great; they teach our children, support our programs and believe that every child deserves a bright future. We couldn’t do it without them. Youthlink's Volunteers. Read More

Police Adventure Camps; Why Every Child Can Benefit from Learning Police Skills

Pulling back the layers of policing reveals a long-standing service that is based on values and making a positive difference. Read More

From the #CPSArchives: Remembrance Day

"My eyes locked with his. I couldn’t see anything else in the photo – just his eyes." Read More

Rude to be Nude in 1935

“Anyone caught swimming in the nude will be liable to immediate arrest.” Read More

You've Been Drawing Raindrops all Wrong

Let let the science of Blood Spatter explain what drops of liquid really look like during a free-fall. Read More

Let's Take a Moment to Celebrate Parking Tickets

At one time, you could park anywhere you please in downtown Calgary. Read More

What's with the hat?

There's one hat that doesn't look like it belongs - and here's why. Read More

Alex's Story - #NowImStronger

Going to school from Kindergarten to Grade 5 was a nightmare because I was severely bullied. Read More

Giving Kids the Courage to Speak Up

We received an email into YouthLink that encouraged all of us who work at YouthLink that we are making a difference! Read More

New Bikes for Stephen & Yang!

Thanks to a generous donation from the Calgary Police Service, Mountain Bike Unit, two Auxiliary Cadets get their first bikes! Read More

Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month

October is Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month Read More

New Public Programming - Forensic FUNdamentals

This is your chance to not only experience the new YouthLink for yourself but to go deeper and learn what it takes to be a forensic science expert. Read More